Prevalence Of Pica Among Pregnant Females of Low-Income Population: A Hospital Based Study

  • Aliya nasim Akhter LCMD/DSH
  • Fasiha Fatima Karachi institute of medical sciences Malir cantt
  • Mohammad Abbas Suleman Liaquat College of medicine & dentistry /Darul Sehat hospital
  • Sobia Khurram Dow University of health sciences
Keywords: pica, anemia in pregnancy, geophagy


 Back ground: pica is craving and compulsive eating of non nutritive substances and it is public health concern because of its deleterious consequences. The condition is particularly associated with pregnancy and incidence varies differently across the world. Pica has been thought to develop in response of some underlying nutritional deficiencies particularly iron and zinc but further evidences and researches are required to confirm this. Engagement in pica behavior can be dangerous for both mother and growing fetus and can lead to growth retardation preterm deliveries and intra uterine death and is usually observed in low income and less educated population , however  tradition , culture and religion also has a great  influence  on this habit.