Association of Posterior Nasal Spine (PNS) to Sella Turcica Measurement and Skeletal Malocclusions

  • Tahira Kulsoom
  • Syed Shah Faisal
  • Syed Sheeraz Hussain
Keywords: Sella, skeletal malocclusion, facial asymmetry and orthodontic treatment


Objective: To determine the association between a measurement from sella turcica to posterior nasal spine  (PNS) and skeletal malocclusion with subjects in normal vertical relationship.

Methods: It was analytical, measurement-based, observational design in  which  samples  from  122  patients were collected from department of orthodontics at the dental OPD of Karachi Medical and Dental College and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi. Non-probability consecutive sampling technique was used. Sample selec-    tion was based on inclusion criteria that included, no previous history of orthodontic treatment, age limit start-     ing from 12 years of age till 30 years. The exclusion criteria for study included, any syndromic or cleft lip and  palate subjects, patients with history of trauma and patients with facial asymmetry. All the patients were exam- ined by the author. After thorough history and clinical examination for evaluating the inclusion and exclusion cri- teria patients were recruited for the study. Verbal informed consent was taken from the patients then the lateral cephalogram was recorded, taken in centric relation, was surveyed and classified by observation into the three categories of malocclusion on the basis of skeletal classification of malocclusion. All measurements were re- corded under ample light and comfortable position. All the findings were recorded by the primary author.

Result: One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was applied to see the association of PNS to sella and malocclusion. Mean value is 44.96, 45.21 and 49.00 for the class I, II and III of skeletal malocclusion patients respectively.  P-value is < 0.05 which that there is association between PNS to sella and vertical class malocclusion.

Conclusion: It has been established that there is a positive association between PNS to sellaturcica linear measurement and skeletal malocclusions. It is noted as that mean value of linear measurement from sella to posterior nasal spine (PNS) is 44.96mm, 45.21mm and 49.00mm for the class I, II and III of skeletal malocclusion cases respectively. This can help in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Author Biographies

Tahira Kulsoom

Department of Orthodontics Karachi Medical and Dental College

Syed Shah Faisal

Department of Orthodontics Karachi Medical and Dental College

Syed Sheeraz Hussain

Department of Orthodontics Karachi Medical and Dental College