Significance Of Student's Feedback In The Development Of Dental Curriculum: A Qualitative Study


  • Qaiser Masud Sheikh Department of Dental Education, Foundation University, College of Dentistry
  • Muhammad Wajahat Ghafoor Department of Oral Pathology, Foundation University College of Dentistry
  • Rafey Ahamd Jameel Department of Oral Biology, Dow University of Oral and Health Sciences
  • Sabahat Yasmin Ghafoor Chaudhry Department of Oncology, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
  • Sumera Ejaz Department of Prosthodontics, Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar Medical and Dental College
  • Minal Masood Department of Orthodontics, Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry



Student, Feedback, Curriculum development.



       The objective of this study is to understand the significance of student’s feedback as a stakeholder so that we can incorporate their feedback in the development of Dental Curriculum.


        A qualitative explorative study was done a; duration was 6 months i.e. from 6th Feb to 18th Aug 2017. We conducted a two session focus group discussion (FGD) with likewise graded students as per their exam scores i.e. high achieving (75-85%) and low achieving groups (55-66%) in Oral Biology. A total of 14 students took part in the Focus Group Discussion FGD sessions.


       Six common themes on which students expressed their reservations are as follows;

  1. i) Teaching approach, ii) Issues regarding 1st year BDS education, iii) Teachers/Students collaboration, iv) Faculty qualification/experience status, v) Impact of student’s input in curriculum development and vi) Absence of collaborative sessions.

All these points that were emphasized by the student’s feedback about curriculum, teachers and assessment modes are critical for better learning.


        As per our study findings, integrating multiple teaching approaches and emphasizing on students feedback is significant for dental curriculum development.