Antibiotic Sensitivity to Methicillin and Methicillin Plus Macrolide- Lincosamide-Streptogramins Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

  • Hamzullah Khan Department of Hematology, Nowshera Medical College
  • Fazli Bari Department of Microbiology, Nowshera Medical College
  • Sahibzada Fawad Department of ENT, Nowshera Medical College
  • Adnan Masood Department of Pathology, Nowshera Medical College
  • Irfan Khan Department of Paeds Medicine, Nowshera Medical College
  • Khushaal Khan Provincial Drug Inspector
Keywords: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), MRSA, MLS-B, Misuse of antibiotics


This study was conducted from May 2018 to Oct 2019 to determine the culture and sensitivity pattern of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and MRSA with Macrolide Lincosamide and Streptogramin-B (MLS-B) antibiotics in a tertiary care hospital of Nowshera. A total of 235 isolates were studies and 86 samples showed MRSA. The prevalence rate of MRSA was 89/235 (37.87%). Out of 86 isolates with MRSA, 19 (22.09%) were also resistant to MLS-B antibiotics.
Regarding gender specification, 52 (60.5%) were females and 34 (39.5%) were males. The mean age with standard deviation of patients was 29 + 6.8 years. The sensitivity pattern to MRSA was; Vancomycin 100%, Linezolid 100%, Rifampicin 86.04%, Clindamycin, 73.25%, Fusidic acid 60.46%, Erythromycin 44.18%., Doxycyclin 32.55%, levofloxacin 16.27%, Gentamycin 13.95% and Ciprofloxacin 11. 62%. Sensitivity of Vancomycin & Linezolid was 100% in MRSA and MLS-B resistant isolates, and should be kept reserved for MRSA cases to avoid misuse of antibiotics and to reduce resistance.

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