Impact of predatory publishing and Strategies for publication in a good journal


  • Cristalle Soman Assistant Professor, Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology, Dept of OMFS & DS, Riyadh Elm University



predatory publishing, predatory journals, , predatory publishers, fake journals, guidelines for publication, impact factor


The arena of research is at an expanding pace. Due to the rise in number of researches, the acceptance rate for publication has been decreasing. This creates a lot of manuscript rejections and the re- searchers tends to submit their work in less known journals or publishers who offer quick publishing with a nominal publication cost. Such publishers may be predatory and can lead to loss of the re- search in a scientific cloud black hole, where the research is not acknowledged or identified and hence deemed to be of null value. It is therefore indispensable that every researcher, academician and educator to be aware of and be vigilant of such journals/publishers for individual work publication, peer publications or supervised publications or faculty promotions. The present review highlights important points for identification of predatory journals/publishers, guidance to avoid publishing in such journals and how to get research published in a good journal.